To encourage our best work, we must create a safe environment for all. That means that we will practice respect and courtesy for and toward each other and that we should identify and address disrespectful comments or gestures in our classroom. When the teacher is focused on speech and debate they can’t always see, hear, or understand all the layers of what’s going on in the classroom. If any student feels that their classroom is in any way uncomfortable, they should contact their teacher as soon as possible. Together we will create an environment in which each of us can grow and learn in a safe place for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, race, religion, sexual orientation, class, level, or physical or mental ability.

Our curriculum will include discussions and debates about current events, political positions, and critical philosophy. The purpose in choosing these controversial issues is to give students interesting topics so they can learn about the world around them. Students may encounter philosophical argumentation related to various facets of identity including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and language. These discussions will occur within the safe and supportive environment. It is understandable that students may at times feel uncomfortable with these arguments or discussions. Students should feel free to make arrangements with their teacher to talk about these conflicts. They are also free to depart from these conversations in a polite and respectful manner.

Students are not to record classes or classmates. Families should know that best attempts will be made to maintain student privacy but in a Zoom environment it is possible that students could be recorded. 

To ensure student and teacher safety, no student or teacher will ever be put in a situation where there will only be two people in a Zoom room. If students have an issue that they would like to discuss with the teacher, an exception can be made if the student agrees to record that Zoom conversation.

To secure a spot in the program you will have to pay a $50 non refundable deposit. After the second class, no refunds will be given. Up until the second class, the $250 balance payment can be refunded minus processing fees (PayPal) and per-class pro-rated fees.