ACEs Debate Club is an after school debate program

We are a fun and interactive after-school enrichment program where students develop life-long critical thinking and speaking skills.

Our unique instructional model maximizes remote learning and engages students

Join our debate program for students in grades 5-8 who are interested in learning public speaking and argumentation through fun and interactive discussions, recorded videos, and group work.

ACEs Debate Club can fill the void if your school does not have a debate club or supplement what you are learning at school. Students take advantage of a curriculum that combines asynchronous self-guided videos and activities as well as weekly synchronous meetings with a highly qualified debate coach.

Our unique instructional model maximizes remote learning tools. Every program utilizes both synchronous (together) learning and asynchronous (independent) learning. Students watch short videos (5-10 minutes) between classes and complete practice application based assignments, which they submit through our Learning Management System and receive feedback.

Your weekly class experience

Each class is built around a core skill or concept that students will apply. The coach will review that core skill/concept from what students’ learned from the video and application activity by leading the class in a short full-class discussion. Students are given a new challenge and some time in groups to work together to come up with the best example. Once students have a good grasp of the material, they engage in another challenge that utilizes the core skill/concept in an advanced manner such as evidence analysis or argument creation.

Since a guiding principle of our program is teaching students that debate is fun: classes use argumentation games to give students a chance to speak and debate as much as possible. This builds from lighthearted discussions where students answer what the best item of a category is to classwide debates where students respond to a prompt based on how firmly they agree or disagree to 1-on-1 spontaneous debates where students draw topics at random.

Why debate?

Speak. Argue. Respond. Question. Have fun! Public speaking is the #1 fear in America but if students tackle it early, they’ll be experts in vital skills that will set them apart from their peers.

Learn critical skills

Debate enables students to learn critical thinking, teamwork, communication, organization, and advocacy. These skills help students effectuate change within themselves and their communities.

Understand context and problem-solve

Debating both sides helps students understand the context and controversies of an issue and how to best present their opinions. Debate creates fun problem-solving challenges for students to practice weighing the advantages and disadvantages to find the best solution.

Build confidence

Answering questions on the spot will instill confidence in students when they are participating in the classroom or workplace. Coming up with responses to opposing arguments teaches students how to anticipate and plan accordingly.

What parents say about ACEs

“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument."